Pending Legislation


Ordinance 52-19 |An Ordinance Creating The Divisions Of Utilities, Division Of Streets, Division Of Facilities, Division Of Research And Development, And Division Of Grounds Within The Department Of Public Works, And The Division Of Economic Development Within The Department Of Development And Establishing The Positions Of Superindendent Of Utilities, Superintendent Of Streets, Superintendent Of Facilities, Superintendent of Grounds, And Director Of Economic Development And Declaring An Emergency.

Ordinance 07-20 | An Ordinance To Approve The Final Development Plan For Cop Obetz, LLC And Develop Text For Subarea B Of The Walnut Creek Center.

Ordinance 09-20 | An Ordinance Amending Section 305.05 Of The Village Of Obetz Codified Ordinances Titled “Parking Restrictions” And Declaring An Emergency.

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