Pending Legislation

Ordinance 15-17: An Ordinance To Rezone 2149 Mcgaw Road (Parcel Number 152-001449) From Exceptional Use To Planned Industrial District

Ordinance 16-17: An Ordinance To Rezone Parcels Along Williams Road And Designate Parcels To Be Included In The Williams Road Overlay District And Declaring An Emergency

Ordinance 17-17: An Ordinance Amending Chapter 1161 Of The Codified Ordinances To Create The Williams Road Overlay And Modify The Alum Creek Drive Overlay And Junction Center Overlay And Declaring An Emergency


Ordinance 28-17: An Ordinance To Adopt The Tax Budget For The Village Of Obetz, Ohio For The Fiscal Year Beginning January 1, 2018 And To Submit The Same To The Franklin County Budget Commission And Declaring An Emergency


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