2022 Stormwater Awareness Week | 10/16-10/22

Stormwater Awareness Week is a regional effort that encourages communities (and the groups that care about them) to raise stormwater awareness via newsletters and social media posts, or with fun and educational events.

Visit ohiostormwaterweek.org to learn more about events and for ideas on how your community can get involved.

What we do at home and work affects water quality. You can help keep water clean by:
• Planting native plants and trees.
• Properly disposing of chemicals and hazardous waste.
• Keeping storm drains clear of debris like leaves and litter.
• Always picking up and throwing away pet waste.
• Volunteering at or organizing a socially distanced stream cleanup.

Starting the week of 10/16, we’ll share new helpful tips daily so that you can help keep our water clean. Like us on Facebook to stay updated!