Emergency Snow Parking Regulations Reminder

To ensure that your vehicle is not damaged and that no one is injured during the snow removal process, it is important to remove your vehicles from the street. According to Ordinance 351.13 (Emergency Snow Parking) all vehicles parked on the street with 2” of snow accumulated will be ticketed or towed. During snow emergencies, residents may temporarily park vehicles in their yards.

Important Notes and Reminders

  • Move cars in anticipation of snow accumulation. Please do not wait until the snow has already reached 2 inches to move vehicles.

  • If you don’t have room at your house, you are welcome to park at the Obetz Athletic Club or Obetz Community Center.

  • During a snow emergency, our priority is to clear roads and make them safe. This means that our plows will clear paths down the middle of our streets on the first pass. Typically, streets will not see curb-to-curb cleanup until all roads have been made safe and the snow emergency is over.

  • Please keep trash bins out of the roads and off curbs.

  • It’s important to keep our curbs clear of snow and ice so that our storm drains remain effective. This is one of the reasons it is important to move vehicles from streets during snow emergencies. This also means that getting the snow off curbs will put snow at the ends of driveways and in the easements in front of homes. Please know that this is unavoidable and our Service Department works as quickly and efficiently as possible to make our town safe.

  • Vehicles can be moved back to the street once the snow emergency is over and your road is free of snow. Please use your best judgement.