2021 Obetz Easter Egg Hunt

Date: Saturday, April 3rd

Location: Fortress Obetz

Gates open at 11:00 AM

The hunt will start promptly at 11:30 AM

40,000 Easter Eggs!

Age Groups:

0-3 years old with one parent

4-6 years old

7-11 years old

In accordance with the mandatory guidelines set forth by the State of Ohio, the following rules will be enforced during the event.


ALL parents, participants, and spectators over the age of 10 years old MUST wear a facial covering at all times inside the Fortress complex.

All participants and spectators over the age of two years old are strongly encouraged to wear a mask within the Fortress complex.

Social Distancing:

Spectators and participants are asked to maintain a 6 ft physical distance from others not in their household, at all times, within the Fortress complex.

Bring your own bucket:

Participants must have their own bucket or bag for the egg hunt. They will not be provided.

Easter Bunny:

The Easter Bunny will make an appearance and will be available for socially distanced waves, but he will not be sticking around for pictures this year.

Before the hunt:

Participants are permitted to line up along the gates of their assigned egg hunt area (refer to map) prior to the start of the egg hunt. Participants are to spread out and maintain distance from others not in their household.

Adults Accompanying Children

Children 3 years old and under: One adult can accompany them at all times during the egg hunt. Additional adults must watch the hunt from the bleachers.

Children 4-6 years old: Adults are not permitted in their egg hunt areas, but ONE adult may walk their child (4-6 years old) to the starting position and wait along the gates during the hunt.

Children 7-11 years old: Adults are not permitted on the field at any time. Adults are asked to watch from the bleachers.

During the Hunt:

The police cruiser siren will signal the start of the egg hunt. At that time, all children may enter their hunt areas and begin collecting eggs.

First Touch Rule: The first participant to touch the egg is the keeper of that egg.

Physical Contact: Physical contact with other participants is not permitted at any time during the egg hunt.

After the Hunt:

Participants are asked to reunite with their parents from the bleachers and head directly to their vehicles to open their eggs. Families are not permitted to congregate inside the Fortress after the hunt is over.

Map of Event: