Obetz Athletic Club Lite – A Fresh Air Solution

The idea explained.
Obetz recognizes the value of safe socialization and good health during this difficult time.  In order to continue supporting those goals, we will open the Obetz Athletic Club Lite.  Essentially, we have repurposed space next to the Obetz Athletic Club to create an outdoor gym that makes use of OAC equipment that we were scheduled to replace next year anyway—with a couple of new additions.

Open dates and schedule.
The OAC Lite will open on September 1, 2020.  It will remain open at least until 2021.

For now, the operating hours will be Mon-Friday from sunrise to sunset, Saturday from sunrise to 3pm, and Sunday we will be closed. Because we are dependent on daylight, the time will adjust every day.  Depending on how things go, we may add lights later in the year.  The first month’s schedule is below to help illustrate the hours.

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What you should know before attending:

1. You must be an Obetz Resident and 18 years or older. What does that mean? It means that you pay an Obetz water bill or you pay Obetz income tax on your paychecks. Village property limits can be tricky, but if you pay an Obetz water bill or your most recent paystub has Obetz income tax on in, you are eligible to sign up. Nobody under the age of 18 will be permitted. You can create an account and sign up online at https://secure.rec1.com/OH/village-of-obetz-oh/catalog or in person, but you must have your proof of residency with you on your first visit either way. After showing your proof of residency, you will be issued a “Resident Black Card.” This card will be used to check in during future visits. This card may be linked to other resident perks in the future so keep it safe.

2. Open hours will be sunrise to sunset. This will vary day to day. Please pay close and frequent attention to our Facebook page for updates, closures, etc. This location will be weather permitting for safety reasons.

3. There will be limited equipment. Not all the equipment will be suitable for outdoor use. Our electric powered machines such as treadmills and ellipticals, as well as some of our very new equipment will not make its debut outdoors. There is a convenient walking/bike path nearby for your cardio needs.

3.  There will be no lockers available for use. There will be a porta john for any needed bathroom breaks, but there will not be areas to change or shower.

4. Bring your filled water bottles. We will have access to a water spigot near the entrance for emergencies, but we encourage you to have your bottles filled prior to arrival.

5. Dress appropriately and wear sunscreen. There is no shade covering over the area. Adequate sun protection and loose cool clothing are important on hot days. Warm clothing is important on colder days. Know your body and protect it by dressing appropriately. You must wear tennis shoes to enter. Flip flops or any other open toe shoes are not permitted.

6. We must still take precautions. To prevent the spread of illness, such as Covid-19, protect yourselves and others by regularly wiping down the equipment before and after you use it. Our staff will regularly disinfect high touch surfaces and wear a mask when they are unable to maintain a 6 ft distance from others. Under the mask mandate, you are exempt from wearing a mask during strenuous exercise, however, we encourage you to wear a mask when unable to maintain a 6 ft distance from others (ex: our staff or your workout buddy).

We are excited to offer this important amenity to our residents.  Covid-19 has been hard on all of us. We hope offering this fitness opportunity will shine a little light on a difficult situation. Keep your mind and body healthy and come see us!

Questions? Contact Ben Swauger at bswauger@obetz.oh.us