GREAT Bus System

GREAT (Groveport Rickenbacker Employee Access Transit) shuttle service is a FREE service connects employees traveling to the Rickenbacker area on COTA Lines 22 and 24 to various businesses located throughout the industrial park. The Village of Obetz is pleased to provide this service in cooperation with the City of Groveport and COTA.


Shuttles connect with COTA’s Lines 22 and 24 at specific bus stops, depending on the desired shuttle route. Check individual shuttle routes or view scheduled operating times below. Operating times are designed to support area business shift changes in the morning, afternoon and evening. GREAT does not run on Christmas Day and Easter. Visit the GREAT website for full details.

Cost of Riding

There is no cost to ride the GREAT Shuttles. This is a FREE service.

The GREAT/COTA coordination point is located at Alum Creek Drive and London-Groveport Road at COTA stop #7063

At this location, riders can transfer between COTA and GREAT shuttles, using the following steps:


-Arrive at the marked stop five minutes prior to the shuttles’ scheduled arrival.
-Board the shuttle and be seated.
-Stand and exit when the shuttle reaches your stop.
-Shuttles stop at all marked stops so be aware of the stops prior to yours.


-When the COTA #22 or #24 arrives at stop 7063, the Marathon station, exit COTA. 
-Board the Red, Green or Blue Route GREAT shuttle serving your destination and be seated. 
-Shuttles stop at all marked stops so be aware of the stops prior to yours. 
-Stand and exit when the shuttle reaches your stop. 

COTA fees apply when boarding COTA buses. Please visit the COTA Website for accurate information. Customer Service inquiries are coordinated through COTA by calling 614-228-1776
or by email.

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