Obetz Incubator Building Survey: Your Voice Shapes Our Shopping (and Service) Options!

Have you ever wished for a specific store or service missing in Obetz? We hear you! Mayor Kirk and the Obetz City Council are dedicated to providing all residents a convenient and enjoyable shopping and service experience. We’re excited to announce plans for a brand-new incubator building!

Building a Brighter Business Future:

Mayor Kirk and the Council recognize the importance of fostering a thriving local business community. The incubator building is our way of supporting local entrepreneurs and attracting the shops and services you desire.

What’s an Incubator Building?

Think of it as a launchpad for local businesses! This building, roughly 10,000 square feet, will offer affordable spaces and resources for entrepreneurs to turn their retail and service ideas into reality. The City of Obetz will own and manage the building, leasing space at competitive rates to kickstart these new ventures.

Growing Together:

Our goal is to create a vibrant hub for local businesses. Leases will be structured to provide initial affordability, with the intention of tenants transitioning to market-rate rents after a set period. This allows new businesses to establish themselves and thrive, ultimately contributing to a stronger local economy that benefits everyone.

Prime Location!

The incubator building will be constructed on the site directly across from Obetz Cemetery, next to the historic Collins/Devuno garage. This central location ensures easy access for residents and visitors.

A Multi-Phase Project:

This is just the beginning! In Phase 2 of the project, we plan to remodel the historic Collins/Devuno garage to provide additional space for complementary services or businesses that support the incubator building’s tenants.

Building the Future, Together!

We’re already in the preliminary design phase, with construction scheduled to begin this summer and target completion in early 2025. But before we finalize the plans, we want to hear from YOU!

Why Your Opinion Matters:

This survey is your chance to shape how we shop and get things done in Obetz! We want to hear from YOU!

By taking a few minutes to answer these questions by May 15, 2024, you’ll help us determine:

  • The types of retail stores and service providers that would be most beneficial to our community.
  • The features and amenities that would best support these new businesses, ultimately making your shopping and service experience even better.

Have a Business Idea?

Do you have a specific business idea you’d love to see come to life in the incubator building? We encourage you to share it! You can email City Administrator E. Rod Davisson at rdavisson@obetz.oh.us or Economic Development Director Steve Adams at sadams@obetz.oh.us.

Together, we can create an incubator building that fuels local entrepreneurship and brings your desired shops and services to Obetz!

Obetz Incubator Building Survey

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!