Obetz Gears Up for Opening Day 2024: A Celebration of Sports and Community Spirit

As we welcome the warm breezes of spring, the City of Obetz is excited for the much-anticipated Opening Day on May 3, 2024. This event marks not just the beginning of the baseball, softball, and t-ball season but also symbolizes the vibrant community spirit of Obetz.

From 6 PM to 9 PM, Fortress Obetz will be abuzz with activities and entertainment suitable for all ages. The gates will open to the public at 6 PM, kicking off an evening filled with engaging and lively events.

The schedule is packed with highlights:

The opening ceremony, which will take place at 7:20 PM, will set the tone for the season by celebrating our athletes and community.

Tee-ball games, starting at 7:45 PM, will showcase the budding talent of our youngest sports enthusiasts.

The night will culminate at 8:50 PM with a spectacular fireworks display, lighting up the Obetz sky in many colors.

Throughout the evening, attendees can enjoy an array of inflatables, baseball-themed activities, and a selection of food vendors catering to all tastes. This event is a testament to our commitment to fostering a strong community bond through sports and family-friendly entertainment.

We encourage all residents and visitors to join us in this celebration. It’s not just a day for sports enthusiasts but for anyone who enjoys community gatherings, good food, and vibrant entertainment.

We look forward to welcoming you to what promises to be a memorable start to our 2024 sports season.