Breaking Ground: Transforming Lancaster Park into a Community Gem

The City of Obetz is embarking on an exciting journey as we officially break ground on the Lancaster Park remodel project. This monumental endeavor signifies a significant step forward in our commitment to community development as we reimagine this beloved space to serve our residents’ needs better.

The Lancaster Park remodel is one of the City of Obetz’s cornerstone projects in 2024. The project encompasses many enhancements to enrich the park’s recreational and communal offerings.

The park will receive a facelift with a new game area, a play lawn, upgrades to the existing splash pad and shelter, and an expansion of parking facilities to accommodate our growing community.

In response to community interest, several pickleball courts, comprehensive curb and sidewalk repairs, new park fencing, and permanent game tables for public enjoyment are among the planned upgrades.

Additionally, we are partnering with the Obetz Historical Society to offer commemorative bricks, allowing residents to leave a lasting tribute within the park and enriching the fabric of our town’s legacy.

As construction commences, residents can look forward to a name-the-park contest, which will offer them a chance to shape the identity of this cherished community space.

With a phased approach to construction, the first phase is targeted for completion by the beginning of the 2024 Zucchinifest in August, demonstrating our commitment to timely and impactful improvements.

Mayor Angela Kirk shares her enthusiasm for the project, stating, “These enhancements are a testament to our dedication to the well-being and enjoyment of our citizens. As we rename the park, we honor the rich tapestry of Obetz’s history and the remarkable individuals who have contributed to our story.”

Stay tuned for further updates and progress on the Lancaster Park remodel project as we continue to shape a brighter future for our community.