A Letter from Mayor Angela M. Kirk: Enhancing Law Enforcement Safety in Obetz

On behalf of the City of Obetz, I am proud to announce the receipt of a substantial grant amounting to nearly $24,000 from the Ohio Law Enforcement Body Armor Program. This grant, championed by Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, signifies a monumental step forward in enhancing the safety and protection of law enforcement officers serving the Obetz community.

The safety of our law enforcement officers is paramount. This generous grant from the Ohio Law Enforcement Body Armor Program enables us to equip our officers with the latest body armor technology, ensuring they have the protection needed while serving our community. We are immensely grateful to Attorney General Dave Yost and his team for recognizing the needs of our city and for their unwavering support of law enforcement safety.

The funding will be directed towards purchasing state-of-the-art body armor vests, ensuring that officers are provided with the highest level of protection against threats in the line of duty. The City of Obetz strongly emphasizes the safety and well-being of its law enforcement personnel, and this grant further exemplifies the city’s commitment to its officers.

This grant not only bolsters the safety of our officers but also reinforces the bond between the community and law enforcement. By investing in the protection of our officers, we are investing in the safety and security of the entire Obetz community.

The City of Obetz thanks the Ohio Law Enforcement Body Armor Program and Attorney General Dave Yost for their support. This grant is a testament to the state’s dedication to the safety and security of its law enforcement officers and the communities they serve.

Mayor Angela M. Kirk
City of Obetz