Santa’s 2023 Neighborhood Drive

Hey, Obetz community! Guess what? Santa Claus is coming to town!

Mark your calendars: December 16th, starting at 3 PM. Santa’s sleigh will be winding through our streets, bringing joy and festive cheer to our neighborhood. He will embark on his magical journey through every street in Obetz earlier this year, ensuring he visits all the good boys and girls before they’re snug in their beds. To make his journey smooth, we kindly ask everyone to ensure all cars are off the roads. Let’s clear the way for Santa’s sleigh!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, including Santa’s route and our exclusive Santa Tracker, as we get closer to the day. Get ready to wave to Santa from your doorstep and feel the magic of the holiday season in our beautiful city of Obetz.

Follow us for updates and spread the word! Let’s make Santa’s Neighborhood Drive a memorable experience for everyone.