Peddlers, Solicitors, and Canvassers

On September 22, 2008 the Village passed an ordinance regulating door-to-door peddlers, solicitors, and canvassers.  The law defines a peddler as any person who carries with him or her for the purpose of sale at retail and immediate or future delivery, good, wares, food or merchandise, or any person who in person as principal or agent canvasses, sells or otherwise obtains orders or commitments for the sale, repair or exchange of goods, wares, food, or merchandise, or services.  A solicitor is defined as any person who obtains or seeks to obtain funds for any cause whatsoever by means of canvassing from place to place.  A canvasser is any person who seeks to disseminate any lawful message by means of traveling from place to place without soliciting funds or donations.

Additional information regarding this law is below.  Contact Cathy Frederick at 614-491-3211 should you have additional questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do we have this law? A: The law was passed due to the rise in complaints by the public.  The complaints weren’t just about people selling items, but in some cases the aggressive tactics and the manner in which some peddlers approached our residents.  In addition the Obetz Police Department was concerned that some subjects may have been “casing” homes.

Q:  Are there certain hours when individuals are restricted from visiting my home or business?  A:  Individuals cannot peddle, solicit, or conduct market research, door to door, at a home or business at randon, on sidewalks or streets, at public places, at private meeting places, or in any other manner or place in the Municipality between 8:00 pm and 9:00 am or on any Sunday or holiday.

Q: What does the Solicitation permit look like? A: Click here. (will be updated)

Q: How do I report a violation? A: During business hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) call 614-491-3211.  After hours contact the Franklin County Communication Section at 614-525-3333 (Franklin County dispatches for the Obetz Police Department).

Q: Will this stop my child from selling items for school? A: Not at all.  School sales and sales for recognized charitable organizations are exempt as long as the solicitor is not compensated.  Compensation does not include such things as a merit badges or prizes for selling the most cookies.

Q: If I am running for an office will I need a license? A: No.  As long as you are not soliciting for funds or donations, a license is not required for candidates or their volunteers.

Q: I am an unpaid employee of an organization that goes door to door and asks for signatures for our cause, will I need a license? A: No.  As long as you are not soliciting for funds or donations, a license is not required.

Q: I am paid employee of an organization that goes door to door and asks for donations to further a cause, will I need a license? A: Yes, paid employees who are soliciting donations are required to be licensed. Q: I go door to door dropping of flyers, will I need a license? A: If you are not knocking on doors, trying to get the attention of the occupants, you will not need a license.

Q: I need a peddler’s license. What is the cost? A: $75. This pays for the licensing fee and FBI check and materials.  The license is valid for one year of its issue date.

Q: How do I get my license? A: A peddler’s license may be obtained at the Obetz Police Department, 4175 Alum Creek Drive.  Please call 614-491-3211 to arrange for an appointment or with any questions.  Click here (will be updated) to get a copy of the license application.

Q: What is the No-Knock Ordinance in Obetz? A: Residents in Obetz may register with the Obetz Police Department to be put on the No-Knock-List.  Peddlers, solicitors, and canvassers are prohibited to go to these addresses.  The list is maintained at the Obetz Police Department and licensees will be given the list upon the issuance of their peddler’s license.

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