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The Village of Obetz, in partnership with InnoSource, has created a public private partnership to connect the citizens of Obetz with the exciting new job opportunities we are creating with the growth and expansion of business in the area.

The concept is simple: connect residents with quality Obetz jobs.  We want to ensure that our citizens are employed and that our companies have the finest workforce in the state of Ohio.  To accomplish these goals, Obetz has partnered with InnoSource because of their extensive experience as a staffing and human resource administrator including administering similar programs for Fortune 500 companies.

The program has several components.  1) A website where businesses can post available jobs and potential employees can submit their resumes to Obetz employers who, in turn, can find qualified employees right at home; 2) A business retention and expansion program where we survey and ensure that the employers’ needs are being met with our employment pool; 3) A partnership with Hamilton, Groveport, and Eastland schools to ensure that our students are job ready when they leave high school; and, 4) A Grads to Grow program where our college graduates are trained for high-end local jobs.

For additional information contact:

Keenan Fukunaga – 614.409.4419 or kfukunaga@innosourceinc.com


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Obetz Government Center
4175 Alum Creek Drive
Obetz, OH 43207
Phone:  614-409-4419

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