Obetz Planning and Zoning Commission

Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission is comprised of the Mayor, a Council appointee, and five citizen members appointed by the Mayor.  The citizen members are volunteers who give their time and expertise for the benefit of the Village.  The Planning and Zoning Commission meets at the Government Center, 4175 Alum Creek Drive, at 6:00 P.M. on the second Wednesday of each month.

The Planning and Zoning Commission has the responsibility to review and decide upon variance requests, conditional use requests, site plans, and other matters affecting the physical development and improvement of the Village.  In addition, the Planning and Zoning Commission makes recommendations to the Village Council regarding final subdivision plats, rezoning requests, or amendments to the Zoning Code.  The Planning and Zoning Commission is also responsible for long range planning including comprehensive planning, land use planning, park and recreation planning, and other studies as may be required or directed by Council.

The current Planning and Zoning Commissioners are:

Mayor Scott, President
Councilmember Mike Flaherty
Councilmember Bonnie Wiley
Mr. Paul Munk
Mr. Phil Hankins
Mr. Chuck Hughes
Mr, Robert Kramer

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