Building Department

The Building Department ensures that buildings and houses comply with state and local building codes.  The Building Department reviews both commercial and residential construction applications.  Building permit applications may be submitted to the Building Department Monday through Friday from 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.  Four copies of the plans are required for the Building Department’s review.  

The Building Department is located at 4175 Alum Creek Drive and may be reached at (614) 409-4407 or by emailing Tammy Kitchen.

Scheduling an Inspection

To schedule all building inspections with the exception of plumbing, call (614) 224-2300 ext. 1.  Please allow 48 hours for all inspections.

Plumbing inspections are performed by the Franklin County Board of Health.  To schedule a plumbing inspection, call 614-525-3160.  When calling for any inspection please provide your permit number, job site address, and the time and date when you need an inspection.  When the inspector gets to the job site, the permit card and a copy of the approved plans must be available.

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