Stacey E. Boumis, AICP – Director of Community Services

Stacey E. Boumis, AICP began her career as the Community Services Director in 2006.  In 2010 she was appointed as the Clerk of Council.  Ms. Boumis is a certified planner through the American Planning Association.  Her areas of expertise include comprehensive planning, land use planning, strategic planning, environmental planning, and code development.  Ms. Boumis is an integral part of the development team in Obetz working works closely with property owners and developers to navigate the annexation, zoning and development processes.   She coordinates the activities of both Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission as well as the Code Enforcement Division.  Ms. Boumis also Obetz on the Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission.  In addition to her planning duties, Ms. Boumis manages the Zucchinifest and works with the Parks and Recreation Director on other large community events. 

Prior to working in Obetz she worked in the Office of Real Estate and Planning at The Ohio State University and as the Senior Planner for the consulting firm of Burns, Bertsch and Harris, Inc.  Ms. Boumis has worked at all levels of government throughout Ohio and with numerous nonprofit organizations.  Ms. Boumis has a Master of City and Regional Planning degree and a Master of Arts degree in Public Policy and Management from The Ohio State University.  She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Geography from Ohio University. 

Stacey Boumis can be reached at 614.409.4405 or by email, at

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