Obetz Reimagines Lancaster Park: Survey Stage Two

Be a Part of Obetz’s Legacy

Commemorate this historic moment and leave your mark on Obetz by voting on a new name for Lancaster Park. Let’s work together to create a name that reflects our town’s unique past and bright future!

Based on the names you submitted in the survey, and scores provided by the Mayor and City Council, the top five names are as follows:

1. Junction 39°

Description: This name pays homage to the junction of the Scioto Valley Traction line and the park’s location at 39° latitude. It’s a nod to the historical significance of the railroad that traversed the country and contributed to the development of Obetz.

2. Junction Park

Description: Obetz was originally known as Obetz Junction in 1838, making this name a tribute to the town’s historical roots. The name also reflects the park’s role as a central point for community activities, much like the original junction was a hub for transportation and commerce.

3. Obetz Junction

Description: This name recalls the original name of Obetz, emphasizing the town’s historical beginnings. Junction refers to the connection of various activities and people, symbolizing the park as a central gathering place for the community.

4. Recreation Station

Description: Combining “Recreation” to denote the park’s purpose and “Station” to reflect the historical train station that was once there. This name is memorable, easy to say, and appeals to both children and adults by acknowledging the park’s recreational and historical significance.

5. Shire Park

Description: A tribute to the serene nature of the park area. The name evokes a sense of tranquility and peace, offering a pleasant and welcoming environment for all visitors to enjoy.

Next Steps

Public Vote

Now its time to vote for your favorite. The public’s vote will be collectively counted as one vote in the final decision. The poll is open until 5:00 PM on June 20, 2024. Please cast your vote here. 

Official Votes

Each elected official will cast their vote for one of the top five names at the next council meeting on June 24, 2024.


If there is a tie, Mayor Kirk will cast the deciding vote.

Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to participate in the public vote. Let’s create a name and a space of which we can all be proud!