Get Your Obetz Black Card Before Zucchinifest!

It’s almost time for Zucchinifest which means it’s time to make sure you are registered for your Obetz Black Card in order to utilize our Zucchinifest Home Advantage Program!

This program includes a special concert viewing area, exclusive parking, and other festival perks! Please be sure you are registered for your Black Card by August 1, 2024 to take advantage of this.

Residents can collect their Black Cards from the Obetz Athletic Club at 2050 Recreation Trail, Obetz, Ohio 43207. To accommodate varying schedules, the Black Card pickup will be available during the following hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 5 AM to 9 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday: 7 AM to 3 PM

Upon arriving at the Obetz Athletic Club, residents are requested to ring the doorbell for staff assistance. Our friendly team members will be there to help you with your Black Card pickup.

In the time leading up to Zucchinifest, residents will not be able to pick up their Black Card the week of June 24th through June 28th, or on July 4th. If you apply during this time you will be notified when you are able to pick up your card.

Applying for your Obetz Black Card is easy! Visit to create a household account and then follow these instructions:

Apply for Residency Status:

  • After your account is approved, click ‘MEMBERSHIPS’ on the homepage. All accounts will initially be approved as non-residents until the following steps are completed.
  • Select ‘PROOF OF RESIDENCY’ and follow the instructions.

Upload Documents:

  • Provide the required supporting documents for the household member you are applying for.
  • Sign all waivers (parents/legal guardians must sign for children under 18).

Review and Approval:

  • Our staff will review your application and issue your membership as soon as possible. You will know when your Black Card application is approved when your residency status changes from “non-resident” to “resident”. You will only receive a follow up email about your application if there is an issue.
  • Once you receive resident status, you can register online for programming and memberships at a discounted rate.

Pick Up Your Card:

  • Visit the Obetz Athletic Club at 2050 Recreation Trail during business hours to take your picture and pick up your physical card. 

Acceptable Documents to Prove Residency:

  • Adults: Driver’s License with an Obetz address, Obetz water bill in adult’s name, utility bill in adult’s name at an Obetz address, Marriage license linking spouse to resident household
  • Children: Birth Certificate linking child to resident parent, adoption papers relating child to resident parent, custody papers linking child to legal guardian, tax documents noting child’s legal address, School papers stating child’s legal address.
  • Each person applying for a resident card must have their own proof of residency.

This card is our way of saying thank you for being an integral part of Obetz and making it the vibrant, close-knit community we cherish. We are excited for you to start enjoying the immediate benefits, and we look forward to bringing even more value to your experience as a resident in the near future.

Thank you for your continued support, and here’s to making the most of your Obetz residency!