Live Santa Tracker for Santa’s Trip Around Obetz on December 11th

Santa starts his trip around Obetz at 5:00 PM tonight! 🎅

His route is split into four sections (in this order):

🟩 Green Route: Includes Mulberry Grove and the neighborhoods connected to the Obetz Community Center and Dairy Queen.

🟦 Blue Route: Includes Butler Farms and Dexter Court.

🟪 Purple Route: Includes Fairchild Estates, Bixby Grove North & South, and Greenfield Estates.

🟥 Red Route: Includes the neighborhood connected to the Obetz Athletic Club and Obetz Administrative Building.

We do not have specific times for when Santa will be in your area, so you’ll just have to follow along with our live updates using this link:

If you live on Chillicothe Street west of the Obetz Community Center, please keep in mind that you will need to go to a highlighted part of the route to see Santa.

Also please keep in mind that Santa and his reindeer will need some room to navigate through our neighborhoods, especially the cul-de-sacs, so please don’t park on the street today so that everyone gets the chance to see Santa!