West Bixby Road to be closed for improvements

Approximate Closure Date: July 19, 2021

A portion of West Bixby Road will be closed to through traffic, beginning on or
around August 16, 2021, for approximately sixty (60) days for road and culvert improvements. During this time, travelers should follow signed detour routes.

Closure Location: Between the Hendron Road intersection and Bixby Ridge Drive East intersection, Bixby Road will be closed to through traffic.

Closure address range: Between 3393 Bixby Road and 4200 Bixby Road.

Emergency police and fire services, mail delivery, and trash collection will be
continued throughout the duration of the project within the construction zone.

During this period of time:

– Through traffic along Bixby Road will NOT be allowed to pass through the
construction zone, as the bridge/culvert will be out.

– Access to properties west of the Madison-Christian Church (3565 Bixby
Road), including visitors to the church, shall approach from the west, from
Groveport Road.

– Access to properties east of the Railroad crossing (located north of the
Church), shall be made from the east, from SR 317, London-Groveport Road.
These include the following facilities/ addresses:
o Amsted Rail-Griffin Wheel (3900 Bixby Rd)
o Three-Creeks Metro park (3860 Bixby Rd)
o AEP Dolan Center and AEP Training Center (4100/4001 Bixby Rd)
o Living Skills Bixby Center (4200 Bixby Rd)

– East-bound through-travelers should follow the posted detour route that
directs travelers to use Groveport Road east to SR-317, turning left and going
north toward the Bixby Road/SR 317 intersection.

– West- and South-bound through-travelers should follow the posted detour
route that directs travelers use SR-317 in a southerly direction, turning right
at Groveport Road and going west toward the Bixby Road/Groveport Road
intersection, to access all properties located west of the Madison-Christian

– All through-traffic should follow posted the detour route and AVOID the
construction zone.

– Residents and visitors to local residences, businesses, the metro parks, and
the church/school, should follow the above instructions for access to these

*Dates are approximate and subject to change due to weather or unforeseen construction issues