Coronavirus: An Updated Message from Mayor Kirk 3/24

I understand that tensions are high and that people are scared. I want you to know that the Village will be here to help however we can.  It is a busy time for us and my staff is working hard to protect us.  In reality, only you can protect yourselves and your families.

There are no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Obetz–yet.  There are still limited tests available and there are residents who are self-quarantining because they have worrisome symptoms.  That is the right thing to do.

From my perspective, if you think you have it, then you should quarantine.  If we just behave like everyone may have it and practice social distancing and preventative hygiene, we will hopefully limit the spread of the virus.

Everyone who does ultimately become infected will have different experiences.  Most will just feel sick.  Some will have serious complications.  And, some people will die.  Please do everything you can to prevent that.

I am not a doctor, and I can only report to you cases that are confirmed through the Franklin County Board of Health.  Again, as of today, that number is zero.  That does not mean that people in town do not have the virus.  In fact, odds are that people in town do have the virus.  You should conduct your actions assuming that the virus is here and that it can be deadly for some of us.

Protect yourself and your people.  Help all you can.  Love one another and hang in there.  We will prevail over this thing together.


Angela M. Kirk
Obetz Mayor