Coronavirus: A Message from Mayor Kirk

Good Afternoon,

I wanted to take this time to let you know that we are working closely with–and monitoring directives from–local, state, and federal community health care experts.  We want to ensure that we are taking every precaution to protect the health and economy of our community. 

It is our top priority to protect our community; but, we need your help.  In order to limit the spread of the Coronavirus in Obetz, we have decided to close our facilities to the public.  We are focused on preserving the integrity of our first response system.  This pandemic could continue for a few months.  We are continuously evaluating our operating strategies and making adjustments as things develop.  You can protect yourselves, your family, and our community by committing to some basic health preservation strategies.

-Wash your hands.
-Try not to touch your face.
-Stay away from other people as much as possible; and avoid group gatherings.

This is something none of us have been through before. I will keep you updated on our efforts through the Obetz website and social media accounts.  I have confidence that our residents will take every precaution to protect themselves during this time; and, we will get through this.

For the most up-to-date information visit the links below.

Franklin County Public Health
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Ohio Department of Health
Village of Obetz

Angela M. Kirk
Obetz Mayor