A Special Thank You from Mayor Scott

Happy Halloween!  Our Halloween event was spectacular!  The crowd was large and enthusiastic.  It’s not quite Thanksgiving, but it’s always the right time to thank the people who help us to make our hometown so special. 

Thank you to our guests for coming and for your patience and flexibility with us as we work on developing world-class community events for you.

Thank you to our Trunk or Treat volunteers.  They donated their time and money to provide candy for the kids of Obetz.  Its citizens like that who make me proud and humble to serve Obetz. 

Thank you to the volunteers who helped with the games, the kids, and in the Frightening Forest.  They performed beautifully, without rest, for several hours, causing shrieks of joy (and a little terror) from our visitors. 

Thank you to Doug Browell (retired Village Administrator) for his portrayal of the Forest is Hungry Maniac. 

Thank you to the greatest village staff on the planet.  They planned and executed a wonderful event with a crowd that doubles in size every year. Thank you to Bill Baker for leading the Village construction teams as they developed and built the Frightening Forest.  Thank you to Mike Corbitt (Village Engineer) for his designs and special effects.  Thanks to Kerri Duffy (Recreation and Parks Director); Tim Ross (Facilities Manager/Butcher); Jess Griffith (Grounds Superintendent/Grave Digger); Alex Dotson (Grounds Crew/Purge Lunatic); Luther Copley (Service Supervisor/Grandpa Skunk) and Bonnie Davisson (Grandma Skunk); Gavin Adkins (Interim Service Superintendent/Executioner); Marty Ryan (Water Superintendent/Evil Clown); Matt Cramblit (Finance Director/Mad Hatter); Stacey Boumis (Community Services Director/Guardian of the Gate); Steve Adams (Fortress Director) and Hannah Adams (Volunteer) for their exceptional costume and prop designs. And, thank you to all of the rest of the hardest working volunteers, cast, and crew for your dedicated service to the residents of Obetz. 

Thank you to Trustee Chris Hahn for letting us borrow the hay.  Thank you to our tractor drivers Jared Adkins (Fortress Manager) and Mark Cramblit (Volunteer). 

Thank you to our Council for supporting another great Obetz event and for continuing to provide the best community events for the least cost to our guests.  I’m proud to be a part of this growing community.

We appreciate your feedback as we continue striving to deliver the best services and events possible for our friends and neighbors here in Obetz.  I don’t want to give too much away, but the event will grow again next year and you just might have a chance to run through the Haunted Fortress!

Hopefully, the weather will cooperate for Beggar’s Night on Thursday.  Either way, I hope your hearts are full and that your family members get to spend some quality time with each other.

Thank you all,

D. Greg Scott