Mosquito Spray Scheduled (9/16)

Franklin County Public Health is spraying for mosquitoes tonight (9/17). All public residential roads within the highlighted zone will be sprayed, starting at 8:30 PM weather permitting.

Bring Your Pet Indoors – cover ornamental fish ponds during adulticiding hours to avoid direct exposure.

Wash Fruits

Remain Indoors – Typically, windows can be reopened within 30 minutes after the spray trucks have passed.

If You Come In Contact – wash well any exposed skin surfaces with soap and water.

Bring Laundry Inside – If these items are exposed, they may be washed again in soap and water.

Children – Allow one hour to pass before allowing children to play in areas that have been treated.

For Your Safety
Do not approach or walk up to a spray truck.

If you are walking and you see a spray truck approaching, please make yourself visible to the driver and begin walking in the direction the truck is heading. Spray truck drivers are trained to turn off the spray. Please note that the spray motor may still be running, but the product will not be sprayed. The driver will let you take an alternative route before spraying.

If you are in your car, do not follow a spray truck when it is operating. If you are in a vehicle, raise the windows, turn on the air conditioning (on recirculation mode), wait for the truck to pass or find an alternate route.

As an additional service to residents of Franklin County, Franklin County Public Health can email you when we will be spraying the zone you live in. Please complete the fields HERE to receive an email notification. This request is only good for this calendar year, and a new request needs to be submitted each year. It will take effect within five (5) business days of its receipt.

If you would like to receive email notifications for more than one zone, you must resubmit this survey with an address or location within the other zone you wish to receive notifications for.