2019 Zucchinifest Parade Information

The 2019 Zucchinifest Parade is on Sunday, September 1st, at 1:00 PM. Below is an image showing the parade route. The parade starts and stops in the same location.

The parade travels east on Recreation Trail; travels east on Maureen Blvd South to Ethel Road; travels south on Ethel Road to Howard Road; travels west on Howard Road to Charlotte Road; travels north on Charlotte Road to Poplar Street; travels west on Poplar Street to Orchard Lane; travels north on Orchard Lane to Recreation Trail; travels east on Recreation Trail to the location where the parade started.

The parade line-up starts at 11:30 AM. All parade participants should use Orchard Lane to access the staging area shown below. Please go through the parking lot at the Obetz Athletic Club and follow the signs to the staging area. Check-in is required. Participants may leave vehicles in the parking area south of Fortress Obetz.