Recreation Trail Construction Update


What we saw accomplished during Phase 2:
– Recreation Trail from the OAC to the back entrance of the Admin Building has been repaved and repaired.
– Ethel Rd and Recreation Trail are now connected.
– West entrance to the OAC and Fortress has been updated.
– Parking added along Recreation Trail at the Memorial Park Pond.
– Recreation Trail by the Memorial Park pond has been rerouted so that it’s farther from the pond.
– Construction started on extending the fitness trail along Recreation Trail.
– The front and back parking lots of the Admin Building have been repaved.
– Fencing added to parking lot at the Fortress.

What we can expect from Phase 3:
– The final piece of Recreation Trail being repaved (from Alum Creek to the back of the Admin Building).
– The completion of the fitness trail along Recreation Trail.
– Final repairs on Recreation Trail.

The completion date of Phase 3 is TBD.

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