Thank you to our public safety service members

Obetz showed it’s support for its public safety service members during the second annual Police and Fire Banquet for the Obetz Police Department and Hamilton Township Fire Department. This banquet serves as just a small way to give back to the brave men and women that do so much for our community every day.


During the banquet, the Hamilton Township Fire Department presented the “Elmer Kreachbaum Memorial Service Award” to the Mayor and Council.

Elmer Kreachbaum Memorial Service Award presented to the Village of Obetz:

In appreciation for being a cornerstone in the foundation of the community paramedic program. Your commitment and partnership with Hamilton Township has touched the lives of many citizens within the local community. Your continued support of this state of the art program that provides an alternative to traditional treatment will improve the lives of many in need for years to come. This exhibition of service, leadership, morals, and display of impeccable character is the epitome of the Elmer Kreachbaum Memorial Service Award.