New Parks in Obetz – Braehead Nature Preserve, Area 51 Disc Golf Course

Obetz has two brand new parks: Braehead Nature Preserve and the Obetz Disc Golf Course known as “Area 51.”


Braehead is located on Bixby Road next to Luxottica Optical Center. A nature preserve is a protected area of importance for wildlife or features of geological or other special interest, which is reserved and managed for conservation. The park is 39 acres and has walking/bike trails. It will also serve as a canoe/kayak launch in the future.


Area 51 is located at 4560 Lockbourne Road across from the Butler Farms subdivision. Essentially, disc golf is golf played with Frisbees or “discs.” Area 51 was primarily constructed by the Obetz Service and Engineering Departments. It is an 18 hole course on 31 acres and has a 20′ x 20′, open-sided shelter.