There are seven public parks within the Village: Dixon Quarry, Memorial Park, Bridlewood Park, McFadyen Park, Lancaster Park, Veterans Park, and Community Center Park.

Dixon Quarry
Dixon Quarry is the newest park in Obetz, and it includes a six acre lake for recreational fishing, an archery range, walking paths, park shelters, fitness trails, and a bike path that connects to the Alum Creek Greenway/Olentangy-Scioto Bike Trail that runs all through central Ohio. The pond has been stocked with bass, minnows, bluegill, crappie, catfish, and rainbow trout.

Memorial Park
Memorial Park stretches between the Obetz Government Center and the Street Department building, which is at the western end of Orchard Lane.  The Obetz Athletic Club is located in Memorial Park.  Memorial Park is also home to the Village’s annual Zucchinifest.

With a total area of 80 acres, Memorial Park is the largest of all the existing parks. The park has a one-acre fishing pond stocked with largemouth bass, bluegill, and channel catfish. A gravel parking area is near the pond for your convenience. The park contains two basketball courts, three football/soccer fields, a softball/baseball complex, two concession stands, a children’s play area with playground equipment and benches, as well as a large paved parking lot. Paved walking paths are located throughout the park.  Dirt nature trails are located in the wooded area around the Columbus Crew Training Facility.

Bridlewood Park

Bridlewood Park is a six-acre park located along Bridlewood Blvd. The park contains a playground with a swing set, slide, spring toys, and climbing toys. The park also has a sand volleyball court and a shelter house with picnic tables and grills.

McFadyen Park

McFadyen Park is a three-acre park located along Jermoore Road. The park has swing sets and a climbing toy with slides. It also has a basketball court and a paved parking area.

Lancaster Park

Lancaster Park is a four-and-a-half-acre park located along Lancaster Street. It contains a shelter house, playground equipment, two Bocce ball courts, and the first splash pad/ice rink combination in the country!

Veterans Park

Veterans Park is a small half-acre park located along Groveport Road next to Lancaster Park. It contains a gazebo and benches. It also has several memorials to Obetz veterans.

Community Center Park

The Community Center Park is a three-acre park located at 1650 Obetz Avenue, next to the Community Center. The park contains a tennis court, playground equipment, spring toys, and swing set. The park also has a shelter house with picnic tables and grills. There is a small paved walking path and benches in the park as well as paved parking area.

If you have questions or concerns about any of the parks in Obetz, contact Ed Merritt, Parks and Recreation Director, at 614-491-1080 or email.